Kotaro Oshio

the SUPERSTAR in Asia fingerstyle world



Kotaro Oshio was born in Osaka, Japan on February 1st, 1968. While there are many solo guitar players who play nylon-string guitar, Oshio took the challenge of mastering a steel-string acoustic guitar in a highly unique style. It was Oshio’s strong desire to bring out the maximum capacity of an acoustic guitar that impelled him to boldly employ various techniques such as open tuning and tapping. Oshio artfully infuses those inventive techniques into the emotional core of each of the songs on “STARTING POINT” – rather than overpowering, Oshio’s astonishing technique enhances his lyrical interpretations. From the whimsical to the bittersweet, Oshio brings science and poetry into perfect harmony. Listening to his music for the first time, one would think there are a number of different musicians performing together in a room – but in reality, it’s just Oshio alone that does absolutely everything on one acoustic guitar. His music is full of emotions backed with state-of-the-art technique, often treated with percussive arrangement. Oshio not only performs self-penned original tunes, but he also covers great music of various fields, from movie themes to animation themes to nursery rhymes to school songs.

Ulli Boegershausen

Magician of 6 and 12 strings!

Ulli Bogershausen 1954年出生於德國,擁有40年琴齡的他雖然目前是以鋼弦結他來表現他 的音樂, 但他從小便學習古典結他,早期扎實的古典結他音樂訓練,也使他在音樂的表現上有著嚴 謹的態度與近乎完美的演出。

自從 1981 年發行了第一張個人演奏專輯至今,Ulli總共發行了13張演 奏專輯,這對於一位演奏家來說, 更是一件很不容易的事情, 除了要不斷的訓練自己對於音樂的感 受,還需要加上豐富的內涵,如此才能創作出令人滿意的作品,Ulli就是如此有才華的一位「結他魔 術師」。

連續15年被德國媒體譽為 “Magician of 6 and 12 strings”的 Ulli Bogershausen 以他 無懈可擊的技巧振啟了德國木結他演奏的視野,他的專輯同時在臺灣及全球13個國家發行。

Ulli Bögershausen (born 1954 in Brauneberg) is a German solo guitarist and guitar teacher. He is internationally known due to touring Japan, USA and Taiwan in 1995 and further authored several educational books for guitar playing.

Bögershausen started classical guitar music education at the age of 9. He played electric guitar in several music bands and further started academic studies for music teacher but did not finish.

He lives with his family – wife and son – at the river Moselle near Trier, where he runs a music school for guitar playing.

Ulli Bögershausen prefers playing steel string guitars, which – by a more acute tonal differentiation – give complex melodies and rhythms improved transparency. He likes to use the long lasting, singing tune of that instrument as compositional element.

Sungha Jung

“Guitar Prodigy” from South Korean

鄭晟河(Sungha Jung)1996年出生于韓 國忠州。9歲開始學琴, 在他父親將他的視頻上傳到Youtube後,開始聲名大噪。他的Youtube 頻道觀看量已經超過7億, 並有超過198萬個頻道訂閱者。

許多優秀的演奏家看到這位神童精湛的琴技後,紛紛表示驚訝與讚美;更有廠商贊助,為鄭 成河量身訂制結他。14歲時他就在Youtube榮獲 了13個獎項, 其中包括6項第一名, 被譽為韓國指 彈結他“神童”“明日之星”。

鄭成河的成功離不開 Ulli Boegershausen、 Thomas Leeb、 Trace Bundy 對他的鼓勵, 以 及廣大樂迷朋友的支持與喜愛。 他曾與 Tommy Emmanuel、Kotaro Oshio、Masa Sumide、Akihiro Tanaka、Adam Rafferty 、 Mr.Big 等世界 級演奏家同台演出。

Sungha Jung (born September 2, 1996) is a South Korean acoustic fingerstyle guitarist who has risen to fame on YouTube and other sites. His channel has over 838 million views and more than 2,590,000 subscribers.

Sungha typically takes three days to learn and practice a new piece, and records himself performing the song, uploading it onto YouTube. He plays a variety of guitar pieces that cover a broad range of genres.

Sungha has won 15 awards on YouTube, including 6 “#1” awards. Sungha’s video with the most views is the one which shows him playing the theme from “Pirates Of The Caribbean”.

In 2010, he was featured on Narsha’s solo album “NARSHA”, and in 2011, he performed in the US with Trace Bundy, as well as touring in Scandinavia and Japan.

Sungha acted as Ahn Hyeok in the 2011 Korean movie, The Suicide Forecast.

Sungha has composed 18 pieces as of February 2011, two of which are featured in his debut album, “Perfect Blue”. He released his second album, “Irony”, on 21 September 2011.

His 3rd album “Paint It Acoustic” came out on 15 April 2013.

Trace Bundy

The Acoustic Ninja

美國指彈吉他演奏家崔斯. 班迪出生在明尼蘇達州奧斯丁市。他的代表作點弦卡農尤為大家所熟悉,並被鄭成河以及廣大指彈吉他愛好者翻彈。崔斯的每首曲子都帶有強烈的情感。在演奏優美旋律的同時,他還加入了各種木吉他上的高難度技巧:點弦,泛音,Loop和使用多個變調夾演奏等。 你無法相信他是怎樣用十根手指演奏如此複雜而又動聽的音樂,所以崔斯被粉絲冠以“原聲忍者”的稱號。他幽默和自信的台風常常讓觀眾對他的演出難以忘懷。
崔斯的專輯銷量目前已達七萬張,遍及了世界上21個國家和地區。他的YouTube視頻點擊率累計超過兩千五百萬。崔斯在2008年被美國原聲吉他雜誌評為“最有潛力的青年吉他演奏家”,並同時在當年該雜誌舉辦的“年度最佳吉他演奏家” 評選中獲得第三名的殊榮。2011年,作為“世界超大型音樂課”活動的一部分,7000多名觀眾見證了崔斯在科羅拉多州紅石劇場的精彩演出。
“毫無疑問,崔斯的演出必須親自去現場觀看,而不應該聽其他人轉述。他的演出就像一個拍在臉上的巴掌一樣,會在每個去現場的觀眾腦海中留下難以磨滅的美好回憶。” —— 音樂電臺雜誌Music

Trace Bundy is an instrumental acoustic guitar player who lives and performs in Boulder, Colorado. He is known to fans as “The Acoustic Ninja” for his legato and finger tapping skills.

His playing style features him playing with both hands on the fretboard, intricate finger picking arpeggios and inventive use of multiple capos. Trace has built up his career through success on websites such as YouTube and Facebook and is now signed with the record label/management company United Interests.

Petteri Sariola

There is no limit for guitar's possibility!


Petteri Sariola 是一位來自芬蘭的原聲吉他演奏家,他因為自己非常獨特的敲擊技巧而出名,這種新的技巧被稱為“Slam”,所以他有被稱為“箱琴鼓手”的美譽



Petteri Sariola (1984) is a phenomenon, mostly known for his percussive approach on the acoustic guitar. He picked it up at the age of 7 but after countless non-functional bands he ended up developing a virtuosic style of his own, covering all the sounds of a full band on an acoustic guitar while singing his heart out. No loops, no backing tracks. Sariola has played almost a thousand shows, toured solo around Europe, USA and Japan and reached millions of viewers on YouTube.

He shares his time between playing solo acoustic guitar and rocking out with the electric as the frontman of Dead Sirius 3000, a band of pure energy that combines raw rock & roll with killer melody hooks and fusion elements.

Sariola’s albums “Silence!” & “Phases” and Dead Sirius 3000’s “Get Sirius” have all been released in Europe and they are available in Japan by King Records.

He has been awarded with Nokia Young Talent scholarship, Honorary Prize in the Helsinki Funk Awards, City Magazine Guitarist of the year and as the cover article of Akustik Gitarre, the biggest acoustic guitar magazine of Europe.

Beside his solo work he has collaborated with Doug Wimbish (Madonna, Living Colour), Jon Gomm (UK), Mike Dawes (UK), Don Johnson Big Band, Felix Zenger (James Brown, N.E.R.D.), Osmo Ikonen (Sunrise Avenue), just to mention a few. He enjoys coffee and long walks on a beach. Unfortunately Finland is snowy and dim 8 months per year so you can find him traveling pretty constantly.


Opening Act: Kanaho

Kanaho: 出生於1997年9月,一位來自日本非常年輕的指彈吉他演奏家。她已經為很多知名指彈藝術家開場,比如Masaaki Kishibe, Shun Komatsubara, Ryohei Shimoyama等等

Kanaho: Born in September, 1997. A young female fingerstyle guitarist in Japan.  She has been opening for many great Japanese guitarists, such as Masaaki Kishibe, Shun Komatsubara, Ryohei Shimoyama to name a few.