2011 IFSGF指弹大赛『翻弹组』评分及评语已经公布至官网。因考虑到,部分选手不愿公布成绩,故并未上传所有评委分数,如参赛者有需要详细,个人分数数据,请与组委会联系。
1号选手 陈肖珲 曲目:《月光》
评委 分数 评语
Alex de Garssi   Could work on tone and expression.
Tomi Paldanius   Work with dynamic XXXXX, Harmonics back xxxxxx, Skills are in high xxxx but xxxx checker more.
Justin King   Great job! Remember that the music and the melody XXXXX before the technique!
Don Alder   Good ideas, Good at XXXXX creative.
Paolo Sereno   good idea starting with BXXXX study by XXXXXXXX Son, Ability skills on XXXXXX and XXXXXXX harmonics.
Pooh   Very good, You play beautiful harmonics licks, If you of XXXXXX of bass notes and high notes more carefully, Your performance must be much progress, keep on fingerpicking!
2号选手 那世诺 曲目:《Billie Jean》
评委 分数 评语
Alex de Garssi 65 Good rhythm and feel, clear technique, Could more XXXXXXXX.
Tomi Paldanius 79 Dressed work, Cute, Rhythm technique clear, Personalism come with age.
Justin King 87 Great groove! Keep playing!
Don Alder 60 Very nice playing, Good job on doning a cover, Would like to see more originality, Nice touch and tone.
Paolo Sereno 71 No words, Good musical sense.
Pooh 86 Wounderful, I think that you have a super talent, If you practice about rhythm, you must be a much better fingerstyle guitarist, But I admit that you have already a good guitarist.
总分: 448  
3号选手 吴俊谚 曲目:《Drifting》
评委 分数 评语
Alex de Garssi 65 Smooth performance, Could improve expression.
Tomi Paldanius 77 Nice Dymagics but little more cover be more… Well XXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX.
Justin King 84 Great cover of a difficult song! Good job keeping the groove.
Don Alder 64 Nice Cover, Nice touch, good tone.
Paolo Sereno 80 Work XXXXX R H, Very Relaxed.
Pooh 98 Fantastic, I was very moved with you performance, You did a really good job, until the end of the song.
总分: 468  
4号选手 陈晨 曲目:《灿烂》
评委 分数 评语
Alex de Garssi   Good feel, Out of the XXXXXX, Sound is not clear.
Tomi Paldanius   Guitar out of tune, like happy song.
Justin King   Toning XXXX out, but it was still played with XXXXX.
Don Alder   Good original song, need to get better tuning
Paolo Sereno   Out of tuning, Relaxed, Good muiscal sense.
Pooh   Wonderful, You could catch the moods of the song, You may be careful when you tune the XXXXX, You did a good job.
5号选手 吴孟璇 曲目:《Baby Eye’s》
评委 分数 评语
Alex de Garssi 66 Good feeling and rhythm, Need improvement on sound, pickup is not clear.
Tomi Paldanius 83 Best sound so fun, Out of tuen a bit, Beautiful playing which reached emotionlly.
Justin King 90 Very well done, keep it up!
Don Alder 60 Is this original is so very nice.
Paolo Sereno 82 Emotive, Well Played, XXXXXX? Is it XX XXXXXX?
Pooh 86 Very Good, You maybe more careful when you play many notes, you must play the note only one clearly.
总分: 467  
6号选手 朴宰佑 曲目:《Marunouchi Sadistie》
评委 分数 评语
Alex de Garssi 63 Smooth playing and rhythm, Could use more feeling.
Tomi Paldanius 71 BasicXXX playing great but XXX to add some xxxx a wow factor more to your playing.
Justin King 68 Great work, try to stay loose.
Don Alder 72 This original so then wonderful!
Paolo Sereno 60 Original composition? Good musical sense. Too much XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXX peoplo!
Pooh 84 Very nice, I think that you have already had a basic technique XXXXXX, Please keep on fingerpicking!
总分: 418  
7号选手 楼奂廷 曲目:《Rainy Window》
评委 分数 评语
Alex de Garssi 85 Very musical! Relaxed performance, Good presence.
Tomi Paldanius 90 From the XXXXXXXX I can have the warmth and soul which XXXXX from you but also from the song choice, Sound is good/great, Would like to have another song with another technique XXXXXX, XXXXXX XXXXXXX playing.
Justin King 98 You’re great just keep playing!
Don Alder 83 Beautiful playing, Very nice touch and tone, Good information for finger position.
Paolo Sereno 90 Good guy, He watch peoplo while playing, Original composition? Perfect.
Pooh 85 Very good, You could catch it’s feeling and moods of the original song by Masaaki Kishibe, Please keep on fingerpicking!
总分: 531  
8号选手 罗龙 曲目:《Brimingham Steele》
评委 分数 评语
Alex de Garssi   Sound is not XXXXXX, Needs better tuning, Good rhythm and feel.
Tomi Paldanius   XXXXXXXXX song choice, To win with this song you need XXXXXX XXXXX technique.
Justin King   hard song to play, good job, but remember to feel the pulse of the music not just think about it!
Don Alder   No conment.
Paolo Sereno   Just a XXXX XXXXXX. 
Pooh   Good, Very good, If you practice this song more slowly over and over and be careful whole notes one by one, You must make this song much better, Please keep on fingerpicking!
9号选手 陈俊羽 曲目:《You are the Hero》
评委 分数 评语
Alex de Garssi   XXXXXX technique needs work, Difficult piece needs more XXXXXX.
Tomi Paldanius   Technique for the song is there, Dynamically would size to XXXX even more XXXXX XXXXXX XXXXX.
Justin King   I want to feel more of the groove and more feeling in rhe music.
Don Alder   Good playing and nice song.
Paolo Sereno   To Play Kotaro Oshio music he needs to study more! He loose timing too many times.
Pooh   Very nice, You Could catch the feeling and moods of this song by Kotaro Oshio, If you try to practice each phrase one by one much more carefully, You must be the same level as Kotaro does, Please keep on fingerpicking!
10号选手 何康 曲目:《Wu Wei》
评委 分数 评语
Alex de Garssi 53 The rhythm needs parctice, Difficult piece, Not vert smooth, Improve sound of pickup, Good Feeling,
Tomi Paldanius 79 Emotion is there, Song choice good with enough possibilities to show XX your emotion side and XXXXXX XXXXXX, Don’t start XXXX you’re happy to start.
Justin King 72 Great job, Take more time in the music, It felt rushed.
Don Alder 59 Good jod at a very XXXX piece to play but still needs more work, Overall some of the lost skills here.
Paolo Sereno 84 To play Pierre music but good XXXXX to become a good musical, He has to go for his XXX XXXX.
Pooh 86 Very nice, You could catch the moods of the original song by Pierre Bensusan, Please XXXXXXX more XXXXXX, Keep on fingerpicking!
总分: 433  

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