2011 IFSGF指弹大赛『原创组』评分及评语已公布至官网。今年『原创组』冠军【从缺】。因考虑到,部分选手不愿公布成绩,故并未上传所有评委分数,如参赛者有需要详细,个人分数数据,请与组委会联系。
1号选手 陈肖珲 曲目:《终极态度》
评委 分数 评语
Alex de Garssi   Sounds like more than 1 piece, not focused, too much bass.
Tomi Paldanius   You have promising technical possibilities But try to put more consideration to slower melodies and songs, Music is all about emotion, Don’t try to show you can play…try to show your feel.
Justin King   Need more, Work on the feel & the groove! emotion! keep it up!
Don Alder   Nice creativity + interesting.
Paolo Sereno   What does it mean? Too many things inside!
Pooh   Very nice, If you be more carefully about balance of high notes and bass notes, the song must be much better.
2号选手 颜川皓 曲目:《Eternal Sunshine》
评委 分数 评语
Alex de Garssi 70 Good composition ! Well played.
Tomi Paldanius 79 Technical / Musical level high. Sound little too metalic.
Justin King 80 Take your time!
Don Alder 70 Very nice composition & beautiful player.
Paolo Sereno 75 Good sense of composition and structure song.
Pooh 88 Very nice. You could play the song very carefully and calmly, I enjoyed the song, Please keep on fingerpicking!
总分: 462  
3号选手 柴海青 曲目:《Funky Man》
评委 分数 评语
Alex de Garssi   Not very original composition, Well played but turned the rhythm around twice.
Tomi Paldanius   Groove pretty ok but likes need more work. Main riff idea is great and played well. Dynamic continue at the end, song too long.
Justin King   Remember to keep the groove, especially for a funk tune!
Don Alder   Cool song good playing.
Paolo Sereno   Good blues funky variation and structure, He hisles just alittle bit a guitar to people , better if he effects to play standing up , too many things!
Pooh   Very nice, It’s very funky and I enjoyed the song, I’d like to listen to you another composition, Please keep on fingerpicking!
4号选手 何康 曲目:《Oriental》
评委 分数 评语
Alex de Grassi 72 Pickup problems (batterty?), Good composition , well played , too bad the sound was poor. 
Tomi Paldanius 85 Start gets us players interest , song is about you and where are you from which makes it interesting for me to listen to.
Justin King 93 Beautiful song! Figure out the tech problem in your pickup!
Don Alder 72 Very creative very cool!
Paolo Sereno 85 Unlucky guy, his system decioles to X , bandon him just today.
Pooh 84 Very nice, I’d like to listen to another songs which is fast song. You did a good job, Please keep on fingerpicking.
总分: 491  
5号选手 楼奂廷 曲目:《Lauren》
评委 分数 评语
Alex de Grassi 80 Well crafted composition, very nice touch, good expression.
Tomi Paldanius 83 Everything great but the song shower similar approach to the guitar , compare to 1st round , very emotion and powerful to listen to , composition beautiful, Would like to see "the rock"side of you.
Justin King 97 Wonderful!
Don Alder 82 Very expressive! Great! Good composition.
Paolo Sereno 80 Very chemical R H, Good composition, confusion in second part.
Pooh 90 A very nice song, you could play it very carefully and calmly, You really did a good job, Please keep fingerpicking!
总分: 512  
6号选手 李侑融 曲目:《Starry Sky Fantasia》
评委 分数 评语
Alex de Grassi   Well crafed composition, could refine techique
Tomi Paldanius   Beautiful song, easy to listen to.
Justin King   Take your time, make sure to put feeling into your playing! Good job!
Don Alder   Nice playing keep going
Paolo Sereno   No comment
Pooh   A very good performance, you could play this song very well, Please keep on fingerpicking!
7号选手 胡斐龙 曲目:《Mr.Peterson》
评委 分数 评语
Alex de Grassi 83+1 Great playing! Well chapter song, Good stage presence.
Tomi Paldanius 83 Lovely to hear good old thumb style playing, Good groove, Great composition.
Justin King 91 Fun song, Play it with even more feeling.
Don Alder 73 Nice job.
Paolo Sereno 90 Swingy guy.
Pooh 92 Very nice, You could play the song very carefully and calmly.
总分: 512+1  
8号选手 潘世程 曲目:《Beyond the Sky》
评委 分数 评语
Alex de Grassi 72 Good composition , Good rhytym , Good smooth out technique.
Tomi Paldanius 78 You are standing..good , Happy feel song.
Justin King 86 Get into the groove even more! Good job!
Don Alder 67 Nice playing.
Paolo Sereno 85 Standing up boy!
Pooh 95 A wonderful song, You could perform it very well, Please keep on fingerpicking!
总分: 483  
9号选手 陈俊羽 曲目:《On My Own》
评委 分数 评语
Alex de Grassi   Out of time, Tempo needs work.
Tomi Paldanius   Work your groove more and tempo choice, try to think what is the message in your music, what made you choose the song title?
Justin King   Remember to feel the groove, technique should not get in the way!
Don Alder   You have a passion feel playing , keep going.
Paolo Sereno   He has study hard to obtain more impact and punch on his playing, He has to learn to play standing up like Kotaro, timing/musical tension problems.
Pooh   Good job, If you practice on rhythmic play, your performance must be very good.
10号选手 王开仲 曲目:《Proud Bear》
评委 分数 评语
Alex de Grassi 65 Good crafted , Could be more original, Well played.
Tomi Paldanius 84 Nice blues licks at start, Groove is there! Like to hear thumbstyle, Original is hard to find but song title reminds me the music you play, walking bass idea good.
Justin King 82 Great job!
Don Alder 72.5 Good stuff.
Paolo Sereno 45 Sitted not in face to people.
Pooh 90 A very nice performance, You could play the song very calmly and carefully, I’m enjoyed the song very much, Please keep fingerpicking from now on?
总分: 438.5  

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